With Gerald Hallett Monster Tuning you don't just get a one size fits all generic remap; you get a custom made tune to your car's specification-giving more power, or maximising economy for example. When you have a Remap programmed into your vehicle, all your questions will be answered. It will transform every aspect of your vehicle's performance. It's much more powerful, the spots and turbo lag are eliminated, the new torque range is like gaining an extra gear, and you should receive a pleasant surprise when you visit the pumps. As well as unrivalled practical experience from our qualified installers, another key element of our success is the frenetic activity behind the scenes by our technical file writing team. Monster Remaps supply not just simple adjustments to fuel supply, like a tuning box, but also a full remap of the entire engine control function of the ECU; including fuel supply, but also torque maps, turbo pressure control, throttle maps etc. The result is the smoothest, most powerful, efficient enhancement to your engine. You will love it, guaranteed!